Term Time Weekend Riding

Tillington Stables offer weekend lessons and instructional hacking during term time to local children. These are half an hour group lessons for younger or less experienced/beginner children who then progress to the hour lessons when they have reached a certain level of competency.

Our team endeavour to make each riding session fun and enjoyable for the children. We teach each child as an individual, understanding that all children not only have different physical abilities but all learn at different paces and in different ways.

Striving  to build confidence and self confidence in each child, we recognise this as the key for enjoying riding and becoming a calm, confident and connected rider.  

We put great emphasis on becoming an empathetic rider with kind and understanding attitudes enabling them to develop good connections with the ponies.

Summer Riding Lessons

During the summer months we hold our sessions in the field arenas in structured schooling lessons working on developing an independent, correct and balanced seat and using the aids correctly and effectively. 

We work on building strong, correct, basic foundations and put great emphasis on developing soft hands and interaction with the pony they are riding.


Half an hour weekend group lessons 

£16 per child, per lesson.

One hour weekend group lessons     

£29 per child, per lesson.

Winter Riding Lessons

During the winter months the children gain valuable riding experience and knowledge hacking out under instruction. The children learn to ride in a different environment and learn to be aware of potential hazards and pony behaviours.

We encourage them to appreciate not only their ponies but also the countryside. A certain amount of riding and road safety is also covered although we only ride on a very quiet lane and bridleways with no main roads involved.


Half hour weekend group lessons    

£16 per child, per lesson.

Hour weekend group lessons     

£29 per child, per lesson.

Weekend term time riding is charged half a term in advance and will be invoiced prior to the half term commencing


Please get in touch for more information, to book your sessions and to get directions.


5 Star DEFRA Rating – Animal Welfare